Isabelle Pilloud


In 2015 I created a WORLD MAP OF HEROINES, a kind of work in progress and interactive artwork involving the public. This work focuses on women who have contributed to the improvement of the world. I have sewn the five continents on a blank canvas and people are invited to sew beads onto the canvas to mark the place where THEIR heroine is located. They can also write an explanation about why this person is their heroine. The aim is to illuminate the map of the world with beads, each one representing a sign of hope and encouragement to others.

Using the collected stories and testimonies from around the world, I create pictures, prints and art installations etc.

The final work will be published and exhibited in 2020.

I travel with the WORLD MAP OF HEROINES around the world. I have already shown my work in Switzerland, Buenos Aires and London; future visits are organised for Morocco, Japan and North America as well as anywhere else that my journey may take me.

Are you interested in taking part in the project HEROINES?

A woman has made an impression on you through her life story, her acts, or her capacity to rise above the human condition thanks to her courage and her intelligence. She is a heroine in your eyes, she motivates you, she encourages you. She might be a contemporary public figure, in politics, in religion, or she may be historical…, or maybe she is a heroine that is unknown to the public, discreet because of her modesty and thus necessarily anonymous : it might be your grand-mother, a friend, a neighbor … She can be all these things as long as she exists !

You can pay tribute to her on the “Carte du monde des heroïnes” (the world map of heroines), which is a bare embroidered canvas of the five continents : tell her story here

A very big thanks for your participation !

You can follow the HEROINES project here.